A Step to Rescue Hurricane DevastatedAshley Furniture Home store apart from dealing with good furniture pieces contribute a lot towards the betterment of society. Several donations have been made by the store towards various causes. This commitment has been shown by the store owners right from the beginning of the store.

Ashley Furniture Home store is known for their exquisite furnishings all over the country. They have carved a name for themselves in the furnishing space. What is not so well known is the fact that they also contribute a lot towards charity. The management of the store has shown an unwavering commitment towards this social cause, right from the start of the enterprise.

A hurricane devastated area sent out an emergency request for a large number of furniture for its relief center. The requirement was quite urgent and there were not many stores in the country that could ship the requisite numbers within such a short period. Due to the devastation of the hurricane creating many ripples in the country, the management of the store was really moved into action. They immediately arranged for the furniture to be transported to the relief center. The numbers required felt short by a notch, but it was manageable by the relief center. The center authorities were quite relieved that they got the furniture within such a short time when it was needed the most. The transportation cost was also borne by the store. Some volunteers from the store helped the relief center staff in arranging the furniture. Thanks to the store, the entire process was over within a matter of days. A special commemorative plaque was presented to the store in appreciation. It also got a fair amount of local press and media coverage. The inmates of the relief center expressed their gratitude to the store authorities.

Ashley Furniture Store indeed has done a great job by serving to the needy people. There are other furnishing houses as well, but none of them took a step ahead for this cause. However, Ashley Furniture store didn’t think about its loss or damage and went ahead with the idea. They sent a large amount of furniture sets to the hurricane devastated areas.

In addition to the furniture, the store authorities also provided a tidy sum of amount as donations. This was presented to the mayor of the local town, who exhorted more such enterprises to come forward and emulate the example set by Atlantic bedding store.