A Look at How Norwalk Furniture Store has helped the NeedyThe Norwalk Furniture store takes part in several events and charities. These help the needy and deserving people. These include Hasek’s Heroes, funds for Temple of Christ Church, Veteran’s day charity, etc.

Norwalk Furniture store is a gold sponsor for Backyard Classic. Backyard Classic happens to be a fundraising event annually held to raise funds for Hasek’s Heroes. The Hasek’s Heroes enables kids from moderate to low income families achieve their life goals. It offers a platform for educational support and athletic development. It gives them basic hockey and skating skills and, for kids with commitment and aptitude, an opportunity to take part in tiered hockey development programs. Norwalk Furniture store also helps the Temple of Christ Church Apostolic Faith. The Temple of Christ Church has a thirty bed facility which is dedicated to shelter the neighbors that are in transition.

Donations made by Norwalk Furniture Store

The Pastor from the Temple of Christ Church called Norwalk Furniture store.  Norwalk Furniture store helped by providing products at their “price for non-profit”.  This is a substantial reduction, as well as savings for any non-profit organization. Norwalk Furniture store is also a proud sponsor of the Golf for Charleen Memorial Golf Tournament which is an annual charity event. This benefits the UNYTS or Upstate New York Transplant Services or the Mercy Hospital Stroke Center. This event was started in the memory of Charleen Grzybowski after she suffered a fatal brain aneurysm at the age of 49. She was a wife and mother of five children.

Norwalk Furniture store feels proud to partner along with local charities. If you wish to help any local charitable Centre which may benefit from Norwalk Furniture store’s help, you can contact them without any hesitation. Each Veteran’s Day, the Norwalk Furniture store says thank you to veterans by providing a choice of mattresses at cost for the veterans. It is their small way to thank the women and men that serve our country selflessly. On this day, they offer mattress at cost to the veterans. The cost is just good for veterans and only a proof of their military service needs to be furnished.

The Norwalk Furniture store has contributed in addition to the submission from customers to donate ten beds to children in need. The store is organizing “A Wish to Dream” scheme. The Norwalk Furniture store also plans to donate five dollars got from the sale of every mattress to offer twin mattresses to needy kids within the community that are provided by customers. “Children form an important part of our growing community,” is the belief of Norwalk Furniture store. “A kid’s bed also offers a safe place at night times, and, importantly, it is a place where they dream.”