INNBO Furniture Store thanks all the companies and the customers for their contributions and donations made to help the needy and the orphan children. The stores join with other stores in contributing and participating in the company wide which is called the ‘A hopes to dream’ program. INNBO Furniture Store donates around five dollars from each of the mattresses or beds purchased. They also provide twin mattresses for needy children in the community. Children have always been the important factor for the community that has been growing rapidly. They believe that the bed provided to the child is safe and feels like heaven and they can feel their dreams come true. The INNBO Furniture Store has built a section called a generosity store which is utilized to purchase goods for the needy. This is an exciting way of shopping that has improved the quality of life. There is a wide variety of items that can be purchased and they will benefit with the program organized and provide the needy family a better life.


INNBO Furniture Store provides offers to pick up old unwanted furniture that are being provided to the aged homes and the homelessness. They provide great deals to the regular customers. They help the community programs by providing funds and provide job placements and organizing development programs. The donations that are received are put up for sale at the thrift stores and then converted into cash. This is then provided to the needy for rehabilitation and development programs. They have a dedication to various programs that benefits the local community. The sales received from the donations help fund job training programs, employment services, and community based programs for people with disabilities, lack of education, job experience, and who have challenges in getting themselves employed. INNBO Furniture Store are ranked consistently one of the top charities that makes donations generously.


INNBO Furniture Store is one of the best places to shop for furniture and bedding. They are different from other furniture stores or online stores that are traditional in approach. They have great prices. They do not pressurize on the sale of the product. The staffs are helpful and they work with utmost pleasure. The appointment provided by them is very flexible and they assist you in providing the right product that is required. They are very friendly, honest and helpful in selecting the products. They provide with an extremely high quality customer service.