Generous Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc to Help the Needy PeopleSweet Dreams Mattress Inc has taken many initiatives to support the distressed and poor people of the society. Its programs help poor, homeless people as well as poor children to enhance their lifestyle. Many customers have offered their support for this special purpose.

Corporate social responsibility is a burning issue now in the world. Many organizations have started different initiatives to help the society. Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc has taken generous effort to support the poor and shelter less people. There is an interesting story that will help you understand how people have come together for a generous purpose. Sales people of this organization came across two ghettos near the store. They were shocked witnessing the distressed condition of the dwellers there. They reported the matter to the manager and requested him to take certain initiative. Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc management agreed to start a new program.

Firm has started “Your-Waste-is-My-Best” program. Management has made extensive campaigning among customers and other stakeholders to gather support. It has encouraged the customers to exchange their old bedding and other household materials like tarpaulin, rags and woollen clothes while buying new bedding from the stores. Customers got attractive discounts on total price for recycling their old products. Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc collected these old accessories and later modified them for further use. They ( distributed these modified old bedding and warm clothes to poor people who were staying under the sky in chilly weather. Employees also contributed their old belongings for distribution. Sales people contributed a part of their earned incentives.

In this all new venture of the Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc, many other furniture stores of Charlotte has joined in. Not only providing bedding to the needy people, but also to look after what are their real needs is the chief thought of Sweet Dreams’ authority since last few years. With the support of other influential individuals and companies, Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc has already taken a big step ahead with providing a helping hand to the poor and troubled people of the States.

Many corporate customers had joined their hands with Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc to make this project a grant success. Satisfied customers donated online. Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc has decided to use excess fund to support needy students in their locality. Poor children have been encouraged to go to school instead of working in small shops to earn their livelihood. Poor children are given books, pencil and free food. They get free medicine from the canteen of the organization. Many old customers and retired teachers have come forward to provide free coaching to those needy students. The ghetto dwellers are now living happily and with dignity.