Beautiful People Side of Haynes Furniture

Beautiful People Side of Haynes FurnitureHaynes Furniture is well known for its social responsibility and charities. Many acts like selling products at cost price to veterans and the needy are part of their charity works. People who contact Haynes Furniture with a genuine reason never go empty handed.

The people side of Haynes Furniture is as interesting as its contemporary furniture collections. Just like the loyal customers the business also should show its loyalty to the society be being socially responsible. Many think that being socially responsible is unnecessary as it adds cost to the company. This is not actually true; business people should have some ethics and should willfully share some amount of their profit percentage to people in need. Haynes Furniture has well understood this and is an active participant tin many of the social activities. Haynes Furniture has partnered itself with local charities as its act of social responsibility. As a sign of expressing gratitude to veterans, every year on Veteran’s day a selection of mattresses in their exclusive collection is offered at their cost price. The price is only for veterans and it cannot be transferred to family members. This small way of saying thanks is to salute the men and women who had served the country selflessly.

Working Alongside With Non Profit Organizations

Haynes Furniture has also helped the nonprofit organizations. Temple of Christ shelters neighbors who are in transition with its 30 bed facility. Haynes Furniture offered products to Temple of Christ in nonprofit price which was a great help to the organization as it substantially reduced their prices.

When contacted with genuine proposals Haynes Furniture never disappoints the person. This is what happened in the case of John David. When John David called Haynes Furniture he was answered. He is a social activist who runs a nonprofit organization to help the needy and refugees. He accommodates physically challenged persons and other people and teach them employment and self-employable skills to earn for their livelihood. His organization had new comers and he was in a position to arrange their accommodation and bedding with very little finance. He then contacted Haynes Furniture for products which are sold at their cost. He was assured for 25 mattresses and was also granted free shipping.  This was of great use to the new comers to survive in winter and also helped David to replace some old mattresses. Understanding his tough situation he was granted more than the expected number of mattresses which was thankfully remembered by his organization. As a token of their love, Haynes Furniture was sent a thank you card and a beautiful bouquet which added its sweet fragrance to the perfect ambience of Atlantic bedding. After all timely help is what that matters a lot!

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Generous Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc to Help the Needy People

Generous Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc to Help the Needy PeopleSweet Dreams Mattress Inc has taken many initiatives to support the distressed and poor people of the society. Its programs help poor, homeless people as well as poor children to enhance their lifestyle. Many customers have offered their support for this special purpose.

Corporate social responsibility is a burning issue now in the world. Many organizations have started different initiatives to help the society. Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc has taken generous effort to support the poor and shelter less people. There is an interesting story that will help you understand how people have come together for a generous purpose. Sales people of this organization came across two ghettos near the store. They were shocked witnessing the distressed condition of the dwellers there. They reported the matter to the manager and requested him to take certain initiative. Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc management agreed to start a new program.

Firm has started “Your-Waste-is-My-Best” program. Management has made extensive campaigning among customers and other stakeholders to gather support. It has encouraged the customers to exchange their old bedding and other household materials like tarpaulin, rags and woollen clothes while buying new bedding from the stores. Customers got attractive discounts on total price for recycling their old products. Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc collected these old accessories and later modified them for further use. They ( distributed these modified old bedding and warm clothes to poor people who were staying under the sky in chilly weather. Employees also contributed their old belongings for distribution. Sales people contributed a part of their earned incentives.

In this all new venture of the Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc, many other furniture stores of Charlotte has joined in. Not only providing bedding to the needy people, but also to look after what are their real needs is the chief thought of Sweet Dreams’ authority since last few years. With the support of other influential individuals and companies, Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc has already taken a big step ahead with providing a helping hand to the poor and troubled people of the States.

Many corporate customers had joined their hands with Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc to make this project a grant success. Satisfied customers donated online. Sweet Dreams Mattress Inc has decided to use excess fund to support needy students in their locality. Poor children have been encouraged to go to school instead of working in small shops to earn their livelihood. Poor children are given books, pencil and free food. They get free medicine from the canteen of the organization. Many old customers and retired teachers have come forward to provide free coaching to those needy students. The ghetto dwellers are now living happily and with dignity.

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Ashley Furniture Home Store and Charities

Ashley Furniture Home Store and CharitiesThere are few stores which provide their customers the wide range of products that Ashley Furniture Home Store provides. However, they are also contributing members of society helping the needy in difficult times.

For those looking for furniture to liven their homes, Ashley Furniture Home Store is the place to visit. From ottomans to sofas, from hot tubs to mirrors and glass tables, they have furniture to fill the entire home. Once a customer comes to their store, there is no need to visit any other store in America. They have outlets located almost everywhere in America – from Florida to Pennsylvania, from Tennessee to Georgia. They even have an online presence and a customer can order furniture online and come to the physical store to collect their order, or they could have the same delivered to their home in a quick and efficient manner.

However, before buying such furniture, always keep in mind that always buy the furniture which has been labelled by the respective shop. there is usually no prequalification of the label and therefore anybody can use the same until found out, but in case you are deliberate to furnish your home with authentic American furniture, then you should look out for pieces which are made by genuine American furniture makers such as Ashley Furniture Home store.

When you order online and want to collect the order yourself, you could direct deliver to the store closest to your home and collect the same from there. They also have a range of different products under their brand name as well as other companies such as Lifestyle Solutions, Park Place, Fairmount Designs, etc. They also provide a convenient progressive ‘no credit check’ 90 days financing program, Layaway and various other payment options to help pay for furniture for your home.

Good Deeds to be Remembered

Ashley Furniture Home store is also known for the various charities it works with and the help it offers to the needy. They had a donation of toys campaign called ‘Toys for Tots’ on Twitter where people could donate toys new or old. They also provide second hand furniture to those who require it at reasonable rates. Customers can thus donate their second hand furniture which goes in special stores for other customers. The Backyard Classic is an annual event held to raise funds for Hacek’s Heroes and they are a gold sponsor for the same. They help develop athletic and educational support for children.

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Charities, the Community and Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store

Charities, the Community and Atlantic Bedding and Furniture StoreThere are few stores which pay attention to business and also provide to the community such as Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores. They have helped people from all walks of life with great generosity.

While looking for different types of furniture, you can easily find many companies which offer furniture to customers at various rates. However, none has the vast and extensive range as Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store. They have furniture which is suitable for each room of the house. Apart from loveseats, sofas, recliners, dining tables, etc., they also have wall units, mirrors, glass tables, lamps of different sizes, etc. While they sell furniture under their brand name, they also sell furniture from various different brands as well. This includes Fairmont Designs, Pulaski, Sealy, Hughes, etc.

This furniture store has an amazing website from where customers can see the entire range of furniture and other accessories. Apart from their website, they also have physical stores in various areas of the United States, which includes Maryland, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, and many more. When a customer wants to purchase, they can either come to the store or make a quick and easy purchase online. With regard to delivery, they could get their order delivered to the customers address or the customer could place an online order and have it delivered to an Atlantic Bedding store which is closest to their address.

Knowing Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Better

The Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store has always given to the community and the needy in every way possible. They are gold sponsors of the fundraising event for the Hasek’s Heroes called the Backyard Classic. This is created to enable children from middle and low income groups to work on a relationship between studies and sports. This is done in partnership for promoting academic growth with athletics with The Buffalo Public School.

The furniture store also provided mattresses to veterans on Veterans Day at a special price. They have provided about 30 beds to the Temple of Christ at a much lower rate which they used to provide shelter to people who are in transition. Along with this, they were also sponsors for the charity for Upstate New York Transplant Services and the Mercy Hospital Stroke Center.

You can know more about the Veterans Day program offered by Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store through its website – Along with this, you can even visit any of the furniture stores richmond va, Charleston and Myrtle Beach to know in person about the current fund raising or charity programs being offered by the furniture store to help the needy.

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Stickley Furniture Stores – Working with Charities and Community Involvement

Working with Charities and Community InvolvementEvery business setting up shop draws from the local community for employees as well as its business.  Most business owners, small or large are motivated to get involved and do charitable work, not just show their appreciation, but also that they care.

Stickley Furniture Stores is one such business – it is a proud partner to many charities in all the cities/towns where it has branches.  They actively solicit charities so as to get to know their customers better and make a difference.  Some of the ways that the company works to give back to the community are as follows:

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Seaboard Furniture and Bedding- An Exceptional Store in Point

Seaboard Furniture and Bedding- An Exceptional Store in PointSeaboard Furniture and Bedding is a one-of-a-kind store because it not only concerns itself with running its business, but also takes pride in doing plenty of charity work. The latest among its vast body of social work is that for the disable veterans. Along with a non-profit organization, the store offered financial help towards medical and housing expenses for the needy.

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