Beautiful People Side of Haynes FurnitureHaynes Furniture is well known for its social responsibility and charities. Many acts like selling products at cost price to veterans and the needy are part of their charity works. People who contact Haynes Furniture with a genuine reason never go empty handed.

The people side of Haynes Furniture is as interesting as its contemporary furniture collections. Just like the loyal customers the business also should show its loyalty to the society be being socially responsible. Many think that being socially responsible is unnecessary as it adds cost to the company. This is not actually true; business people should have some ethics and should willfully share some amount of their profit percentage to people in need. Haynes Furniture has well understood this and is an active participant tin many of the social activities. Haynes Furniture has partnered itself with local charities as its act of social responsibility. As a sign of expressing gratitude to veterans, every year on Veteran’s day a selection of mattresses in their exclusive collection is offered at their cost price. The price is only for veterans and it cannot be transferred to family members. This small way of saying thanks is to salute the men and women who had served the country selflessly.

Working Alongside With Non Profit Organizations

Haynes Furniture has also helped the nonprofit organizations. Temple of Christ shelters neighbors who are in transition with its 30 bed facility. Haynes Furniture offered products to Temple of Christ in nonprofit price which was a great help to the organization as it substantially reduced their prices.

When contacted with genuine proposals Haynes Furniture never disappoints the person. This is what happened in the case of John David. When John David called Haynes Furniture he was answered. He is a social activist who runs a nonprofit organization to help the needy and refugees. He accommodates physically challenged persons and other people and teach them employment and self-employable skills to earn for their livelihood. His organization had new comers and he was in a position to arrange their accommodation and bedding with very little finance. He then contacted Haynes Furniture for products which are sold at their cost. He was assured for 25 mattresses and was also granted free shipping.  This was of great use to the new comers to survive in winter and also helped David to replace some old mattresses. Understanding his tough situation he was granted more than the expected number of mattresses which was thankfully remembered by his organization. As a token of their love, Haynes Furniture was sent a thank you card and a beautiful bouquet which added its sweet fragrance to the perfect ambience of Atlantic bedding. After all timely help is what that matters a lot!