Atlantic Bedding Store to the RescueOne can always find different types of furniture in the market, but finding a store that helps out the needy through its furniture is quite unknown to many. Atlantic Bedding and Furniture is one such store which has always been forward in helping out many through its charitable deeds.

We live in a world where both rich and poor coexist. While some are blessed with prosperity and good health, there are many out there who constantly have to depend on others for their basic necessities. Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store has always kept a high priority towards charitable activities. It has even partnered with a number of local non profit organizations and trusts working towards charity. Being one of the market leaders in the furniture business, Atlantic Bedding store has set an example for many firms in this aspect. In fact they constantly seek to increase their works of charity by helping more and more people every year. They invite online visitors to recommend any organizations seeking help.

The furniture store also frequently organizes certain charitable programs such as the Veteran’s Day program wherein they thank men and women who have selflessly served the nation. Various expensive mattresses are offered at a negligible cost to the war-soldiers as a token of support and appreciation by this furniture store. Various orphanages and healthcare centers are also helped immensely by Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store every year.

Atlantic Bedding and Furniture on The Rescue:

A particular orphanage had a terrible fire accident causing great damage to the building and the infrastructure. There were children as little as 2 year olds in the orphanage. Some of them had even suffered severe burns. Hospitalization required money and since their regular sponsor had insufficient funds to help at that point of time. The head of the orphanage sought refuge in prayer to meet the financial crunch. Loans could not be obtained that easily and even little contributions from the neighborhood would not be enough to meet the various expenses. In this dire situation, they only hoped help from above would save them. When the team at Atlantic Bedding store got this news, they decided to reach out. They immediately sent an official to inspect and make note of all the damages and projected costs. They bore the entire cost of re-building the damaged parts of the orphanage and even took care of all the medical bills. They further offered excellent bedding facilities to all the inmates. For more information please visit This kind gesture of Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Tampa FL was greatly appreciated by many people in the furniture stores nashville tn area.