Curtains and Company and the Community

Curtains and Company and the CommunityThe Curtains and Company store has provided customers a wide range of furnishings for their home. However, they have also helped the community and the needy in various different manners.

The Curtains and Company has been providing furniture and accessories for the house for a long time. They provide a range of different products such as bedroom furniture, love seats, mattress sets, utility stands, Victorian and wicker furniture, etc. They also provide a range of other products including mirrors, glass tables, lamps, etc. Thus there is something for every room in a home. They are also known for their reasonable price range and are located in various parts of America. A store or franchise outlet of Curtains and Company can be found in Maryland, Florida, Alabama, New York, Tennessee, Michigan, etc. A customer could either come to one of their stores to collect their order or could have someone deliver it to their address.

Charities and Curtains and Company

However, Curtains and Company store is not just a business interested in profits. They have also been known to help the needy and the community when the need arose. They did a Facebook campaign till November 22 to arrange for donation of one canned goods to the Lowercountry Food Bank for each ‘Like’ posted by a viewer. On Veterans Day, they offer mattresses to Veterans at special rates. To ensure that only the veteran is benefitted, they do not allow this to be passed to friends or family, etc. They offered their furniture at their ‘prices for non-profits’ where the cost of furniture is extremely low. This was done to answer the call of The Temple of Christ which required a 30 bed facility for those in transition. They have even provided sponsorship to the Mercy Hospital Stroke Centre charity as well as the Upstate New York Transplant Services. Also, they have provided assistance with Catholic Charities located in Charleston, Charlotte, and Myrtle Beach, which educates refugees and immigrant’s life skills and employment skills as well.

Making a contribution is simple but very few can actually work for it. There are a lot of organizations in the States which can help you with your furniture donations. Curtains and Company is one of such furniture stores which will help you to help others in the country. They will provide you with options, like, you can either deliver your donation to their stores, or the company authority will pick up the stuff from your house. The only thing you need to do is contact the store as early as possible and let them know about your choice.

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  1. Put the checks in the mail on 12/24 or 12/26. That will the local ceraitihs a chance to cash the check before the end of the year.In reality, the charity should go by the postmark when they send you a confirmation letter about your donation. (The letter is mandatory if the donation is more than $250, but most ceraitihs send them for all amounts.) Keep the letter with your tax records.References :

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