Boyles Furniture Store- A True Friend In Need Indeed!Boyles Furniture Store is doing a yeoman service to people not just by selling the best quality furniture but also by doing plenty of charity works.

The most recent is the one where with the help of the pastor from the local church it has raised funds and trained refugees so that they may be gainfully employed. This way, the store has ensured that migrants are economically stabilized for the present and the future. That Boyles Furniture Store is the best in its business is a known fact. That it stocks the finest of the furniture items and sells the same at superb prices is also common knowledge. However, what is less known about this one-of-its-kind furniture store is its vast body of charity work that it takes pride in doing time and again.

How Did It Make A Difference?

Boyles Furniture Store has partnered a number of charities that work towards making life better for certain sections of the society. For such organizations, the furniture shop has helped out both monetarily and in kind. It has offered its excellent merchandise at significantly lowered prices and many a times has rated it as ‘prices for non-profits’ particularly for the non-profit organizations.

Among the various charity works carried out by Boyles Furniture Store that stands out is the social work done towards not only bettering the economic status of a group of people but also their families and future generations. The store by joining hands with a reputed charitable trust has recently organized an employment service for refugees to their locality in a bid to boosting their economic status and giving them and their families a good life. This service the store provides at no cost to the refugees who only need to concentrate on developing specialized skills required for obtaining a job. Even for helping these people gain the specialized skills, the store has organized training camps where they are also taught English as a means to improving their communications capabilities.

To be able to successfully carry out such a large-proportion charity work, Boyles Furniture Store provided the necessary funds and raised some more with the help of the pastor from the local church. Sunday prayers at the church were converted into fund-raising and refugee-training time periods that left not only the refugees grinning, but also the localites smiling, for what better way to serve God than to serve man?