Seaboard Furniture and Bedding- An Exceptional Store in PointSeaboard Furniture and Bedding is a one-of-a-kind store because it not only concerns itself with running its business, but also takes pride in doing plenty of charity work. The latest among its vast body of social work is that for the disable veterans. Along with a non-profit organization, the store offered financial help towards medical and housing expenses for the needy.

Ask anyone where they would shop for exquisite furniture and bedding items and the answer most probably would be the Seaboard Furniture and Bedding store that is located in various cities across America. Nearly everyone knows that this reputed furniture stores stocks the best furniture pieces and sells them at the best rates. However, what is less known about the store is its huge repertoire of charity work that it takes pride in doing over and over again.

Good Deeds in Focus

In various capacities, Seaboard Furniture and Bedding has provided help to different sections of the society so that they may lead a better life. It has partnered with a number of charitable trusts and non-profit organizations in a bid to reach out more and more needy people. In providing such help, the furniture store has not hesitated to offer millions of dollars in donations and plenty of its merchandize at prices for non-profits. Its only aim while offering help in such gigantic proportions is to make people happy for the store feels that it is the people who make it happy.

While providing monetary and merchandize help to people, Seaboard Furniture and Bedding has not spared any section of the society. It has lent a helping hand to the elderly, the disabled, veterans, poverty stricken and even the refugees without a second thought.

One pioneer charity work done by Seaboard Furniture and Bedding recently was for the disabled veterans who were left homeless. In partnership with a non-profit organization for the disabled veterans, the furniture shop not only offered financial assistance for medical help and housing, but it also looked after every detail of comfort at the homes provided for these ex-army men. As a means to helping the disabled veterans, the store offered its goods to its customers at discounted prices and donated the entire money thus collected for the benefit of the former. By involving its customers in this social work, Seaboard Furniture and Bedding has made the entire society a part of this yeoman charity work.