Working with Charities and Community InvolvementEvery business setting up shop draws from the local community for employees as well as its business.  Most business owners, small or large are motivated to get involved and do charitable work, not just show their appreciation, but also that they care.

Stickley Furniture Stores is one such business – it is a proud partner to many charities in all the cities/towns where it has branches.  They actively solicit charities so as to get to know their customers better and make a difference.  Some of the ways that the company works to give back to the community are as follows:

  • Every Veteran’s Day, Stickley Furniture Stores offers up a wide selection of mattresses at cost to all veterans.  This is their way of thanking the men and women who serve their country.
  • Stickley Furniture Stores also works with shelters run by churches and other non-profits by offering a range of products at very low prices.  These types of facilities work to help the neediest; the homeless and those displaced by other calamities.
  • They also works with Catholic Charities to help refugees settle into new communities, find employment and housing as well.
  • They also sponsor a golf tournament annually – the proceeds of which are sent to different organizations such as Stroke and Trauma centers and even Transplant Service Banks.  Some of the events are held to commemorate the memory of a person.
  • They even work with local fund raising organizations to support athletic development and education for low and middle income children so that their future can be secured.

Stickley Furniture Stores is a totally different kind of furniture store – they don’t care to become the biggest store either.  They are in the business of offering value for money by getting the best deals from manufacturers and passing them along to customers.  They want to be remembered more for their charitable work and their contributions in making the neighborhood a better place.  With their extensive network of stores in different states, they are able to participate in and lend their name to a number of worthy causes.