Ashley Furniture Store - Out There to Help the NeedyAshley Furniture store helps change lives in addition to selling exquisite pieces of furniture. Liberal donations have been given by the store on various occasions. The management of the store is committed to continue this good work for the future.

Ashley Furniture store is well known nationwide in decorating living spaces in gusto. What perhaps is not known to many is the fact that they contribute towards various charity causes. This has been done by the store right from its inception. The owners of the store have committed towards helping out the needy. The timely help from the store has been a boon to many in pressing situations all over the nation.

A local fundraiser event was short of much needed funds. Having heard of the charitable disposition of the store, the event organizers got in touch with the store authorities. The requirement was slightly above the philanthropic budget allocated by the store. Still the management agreed to foot the bill. The amount was given to the event organizers within a couple of days. This was highlighted very much during the fundraiser. The amount granted was quite high and as such it created quite a buzz. Several patrons visiting the store was also very appreciative of the fact that a higher than usual amount was contributed by the store for a good cause. The event went very well thanks to the timely help from the store. The store also did not ask for the stores name to be prominently displayed or advertised during the event. The store owners were present during the event. Some staff members of the store were also present to help out during the event. The store even promised that they would pitch in for future requirements of the events for the upcoming years. The event organizers were quite happy that the store was doing so much for the local events, although the store had a national footprint.

Ashley Furniture store is not the only furniture store available in the States but still this was the only one which stood up for the needy people. Even for once the store authority did not think about the demerits of serving so many people without any profit. Due to this helping nature of the Ashley’s, it has now become one of the most popular stores of America.

Ashley Furniture Home store continues its commitment towards social causes even with the ever increasing pressures of business. This goes to show the charitable disposition of the owners of the store.