Ashley Furniture Home Store and CharitiesThere are few stores which provide their customers the wide range of products that Ashley Furniture Home Store provides. However, they are also contributing members of society helping the needy in difficult times.

For those looking for furniture to liven their homes, Ashley Furniture Home Store is the place to visit. From ottomans to sofas, from hot tubs to mirrors and glass tables, they have furniture to fill the entire home. Once a customer comes to their store, there is no need to visit any other store in America. They have outlets located almost everywhere in America – from Florida to Pennsylvania, from Tennessee to Georgia. They even have an online presence and a customer can order furniture online and come to the physical store to collect their order, or they could have the same delivered to their home in a quick and efficient manner.

However, before buying such furniture, always keep in mind that always buy the furniture which has been labelled by the respective shop. there is usually no prequalification of the label and therefore anybody can use the same until found out, but in case you are deliberate to furnish your home with authentic American furniture, then you should look out for pieces which are made by genuine American furniture makers such as Ashley Furniture Home store.

When you order online and want to collect the order yourself, you could direct deliver to the store closest to your home and collect the same from there. They also have a range of different products under their brand name as well as other companies such as Lifestyle Solutions, Park Place, Fairmount Designs, etc. They also provide a convenient progressive ‘no credit check’ 90 days financing program, Layaway and various other payment options to help pay for furniture for your home.

Good Deeds to be Remembered

Ashley Furniture Home store is also known for the various charities it works with and the help it offers to the needy. They had a donation of toys campaign called ‘Toys for Tots’ on Twitter where people could donate toys new or old. They also provide second hand furniture to those who require it at reasonable rates. Customers can thus donate their second hand furniture which goes in special stores for other customers. The Backyard Classic is an annual event held to raise funds for Hacek’s Heroes and they are a gold sponsor for the same. They help develop athletic and educational support for children.