Ashley Furniture Helps Out the Real NeedyAshley Furniture store is not only good in their line of business, but also in helping out the needy sections of the society. They have made liberal donations several times over.  The promoters behind the store have a strong commitment towards the cause of charity.

Ashley Furniture store is a leading one among the furnishing industry in the States. They have branches spread out in many locations. Apart from making excellent furniture, they also help out the needy. The promoters of the firm are one with a charitable disposition. Several liberal donations have been made throughout the history of the store towards charity.

Helping out the needy is a great job. We all should contribute something from our own and only a few people do this. However, Ashley Furniture’s contribution to the needy people is one of its kinds. It makes the store different from all other available stores in the States. Even if you are buying something from Ashley Furniture store, you will feel as if you are contributing a bit to the needy people.

An orphanage recently had to move out of its current premises to a bigger one due to large number of occupants. With the limited resources at hand, it was not possible for the orphanage to buy the requisite furniture. This is where Ashley Furniture store stepped in. A large number of antique furniture was lying to be dispatched to the various stores with them. As soon as the management came to know of the pressing situation the orphanage was facing, they sprang into action. The entire lot of antique furniture was allocated to the orphanage. Furthermore, it was also transported to the location free of cost. Since several furniture of daily usage would undergo regular use, in addition to the antique ones the firm also gave some kitchen furniture and living room furniture extra. Antique ones would not be able to withstand the rigors of daily over usage. Personnel were also dispatched to the site to arrange all the furniture in consultation with the orphanage authorities. Since they were antique furniture, detailed instructions were given to both the inmates and the staff of the orphanage regarding their proper upkeep.

The lot of antique furniture that was given out amounted to quite a tidy sum. Any other promoter would have been apprehensive about parting with them for the cause of charity. Not the people behind Ashley Furniture store, who have a strong conviction in helping out the needy.  Thus, they are not only good in their business but also in philanthropy.